Lisane Verville Bc.Sc.s D.O.,

Hi everyone, here is a resumed biography about me. I am looking forward to helping and guiding you towards balance and wellness. Growing up with a father who worked in construction, I was often called upon to help him with his back pain, sore hands and feet. This helped me acquire the skill of palpation at a younger age, and led me to develop a passion for healing people using my hands. I decided to pursue a career in osteopathy, which I found was a fundamental approach in facilitating the recuperative powers of the body.

After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Specialization in Health Sciences Bc.Sc.S. in 2007, I decided to continue my education at L’Institut d’Enseignement d’Ostéopathie du Québec. With now over five years in a clinical setting, I have gained much experience and continue to do so with post-graduate studies every year. My unique combination of specialized manual therapy techniques will help alleviate painful symptoms and restore function. With a detailed questioning and a precise examination, I can determine the source of problems and correct them in order to help you recover a healthy lifestyle.

If you'd like more information about how I can help you, have a look at my services.

Lisane Verville